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ANDI Advanced Open Water


To obtain an Advanced Open Water Diver Certification you must have logged a minimum of 25 dives.

You must also complete a minimum of 5 core dives in Deep, Navigation, Search and Recovery,

SafeAir (AKA-Nitrox), and Peak Performance Buoyancy. Below is an example of the Advanced

Open Water Certification Package offered at Deep Blue Scuba. It is designed to instruct you in

what are the most commonly used specialties in diving.

Day 1: Orientation Dive, Buoyancy Control Dive

Day 2: Safety Procedure Dive, Computer Oreintation Dive

Day 3: Navigation Pattern Orientation Dive, Navigation Dive

Day 4: Extra Navigation Dive, SafeAir (AKA-Nitrox) 2 dives

Day 5: Search and Recovery Dive

Day 6: Computer Deco Orientation Dive - 2 dives

Day 7: Float Deployment Dive, Stage Tank Dive

Day 8: Deep Dive, Guided Tour Dive



Students must buy or rent: Slate, Dive Lights 3each, Reel, Float, Computer, Compass.

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