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ANDI CSU Complete Safeair User

(AKA Standard Nitrox)


ANDI-Complete SafeAir User 22%-50%


Builds upon and expands the material introduced in the Limited SafeAir User course. Covers the information

necessary to make use of all 8 of the ANDI-identified applications of SafeAir within sport diving limits.

Those completing this course are certified to use all SafeAir mixtures, including SafeAir 50.

Note: Part one (classroom) and part two (open water) are to be completed satisfactorily prior to

Limited SafeAir User and Complete SafeAir User certification. A part one certification may be issued upon

satisfactory completion of all classroom requirements. This certification may be used to complete the two

logged SafeAir dives required for full certification.


This course can be taken in conjunction with your open-water course.


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