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With 30 plus Certification Agencies to pick from it can be overwhelming to cut through all the SPIN and HYPE. When looking at becoming a Scuba Diver you should look at who will give you the best class for your time and money. Below is a list of things to look for and think about.

Is your Certification Agency an International Agency? (ANDI is International, See list below)

Are your Check Out Dives REALLY Open Water Dives to depth? Dives done in Quarry's, Springs, Pools like Balmorhea State Park, or Aquarena Springs usally are not.

Will you learn to use a Diving Computer in the pool and during your check out dives?

Are Rescue Tows and Rescue Breathing taught during the pool and check out dives?

Is the use of a Redundant Breathing Systems (AKA Pony Tanks) REQUIRED during pool and Check out Dives?

Will you learn how to administer Oxygen from an Emergency Oxygen Kit during the Classroom Sessions?

Are the Partial Pressures of Oxygen and Partial Pressures of Nitrogen taught?

Is the skill of deploying a Surface Float with a Reel taught during the Check out Dives?

Will you use a Pre Dive Equipment Check List during the Pool and Check out Dives?

Is a Dive Planning Check List used during the Open Water Check Out Dives?

Are you taught to do a 3 Stop Decent Procedure (5ft, 15ft, 30ft)?

Are you taught to do a 3 Stop Accent Procedure (AKA Safety Stops - 30ft, 20ft, 10ft)?

Will you learn to dive Self Sufficient or Buddy Dependent? People don't jump out of a plane with 1 parachute. So why dive off a boat with one tank?

Is your final Dive a Check Out Dive where YOU lead your Instructor on a dive? This is proof that you have learned to dive independently and are Self Sufficient.

At Deep Blue Scuba you are taught all of this through the ANDI Open Water Scuba Class. No other Scuba Certification or Scuba Class in Austin can match our class. If you are looking to learn to Scuba Dive and not just learn enough to get a Certification Card from a Shake and Bake Agency. Then come learn to dive with ANDI and DEEP BLUE SCUBA. We would love to Safely open your eyes to a new world.

Regional ANDI Headquarters:

ANDI USA, ANDI Europe, ANDI Israel,
ANDI UK, ANDI Hellas (GREECE), ANDI Italy, ANDI Thailand, ANDI Taiwan,
ANDI Korea, ANDI Latin America, ANDI Spain, ANDI S.E. Asia, ANDI Japan,
ANDI Indonesia, ANDI Southern Africa, ANDI Australia/New Zealand, ANDI Russia.

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